Sorting methods(quick sort,etc)vs Arrays.Sort in speed

Is using Arrays.sort faster than performing some sort sorting operation on an array like bubble sort ,selection sort ,etc ?


Well bubble sort,selection sort takes O(n^2) in worst case. Where as quick sort and merge sort would give you an average of(n logn) although worst case of quick sort may go up to O(n^2). Arrays.sort(in java) is definitely a O(n logn). If you have no idea about the notation which I just used you should just remember that execution time of merge sort or the inbuilt sort Arrays.sort is less in comparison with bubble sort ,selection sort. So while sorting a large input use Arrays.sort .


This link is useful:
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From Java 7, timsort is used with a worst case of O(nlogn), instead of Quick sort which has a worst case of O(n^2).

So, using Arrays.sort is the fastest method possible to sort values in java.


BUT in best case quicksort gives O(n) time complexity…
Is there in JAVA support by built in library to use quickSort?