Sources for INOI and IOITC preparation ?

Hi all,
I’ll be preparing for INOI this year(with hope that I clear ZIO/ZCO), so, what are some good books/websites/courses/or even anything at all that can aid one in preparation. Similar questions have been asked before but have recieved very low interest.

These are some Books I know of that are good:

  1. Algorithms Unlocked (Cormen)
  2. Intro to Algorithms (Cormen)
  3. The Algorithm Design Manual (Skiena)
  4. The Hitchhikers guide to Programming (The book’s good for the code snippets)
  5. Concrete Mathematics (Donald Knuth)(I personally feel a strong discrete math background helps one)

More resources will be highly appreciated…

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Have a look at this thread.


A resource especially for INOI/IOITC:


Practice. Practice. and Practice.

nice link !!