Special Problems For Coders With No DSA Knowledge? Smells Like Div 4!

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Let us start off with a couple of disclaimers – if your rating is above 1600, this will have literally no change for you. If your rating is between 1400 and 1599, you’ll find your Div-3 contests getting a bit more interesting. More on these below!

We had introduced the Division system in CodeChef back in 2018, intending to provide an even playing field for all coders of all levels. With time, we realized that the level of skills among the CodeCheffers cannot be segregated into just two Divisions.

The existence of the intermediate between beginner and advanced levels couldn’t be denied. Hence, we introduced Division 3 in January 2021 for coders just starting. With three Divisions playing into action, the contests have become much more dynamic with three sets of problems – and we’re about to make it even better!

Introducing Division 4 – But Why?

The skills and learning requirements of Division-3 were getting too diverse. We felt that splitting out Division 3 and Division 4 would allow us to better serve 2 large user types – users who know programming languages and users who have now progressed to basic algorithms and data structures, with sufficient problems and competition for both sets of users.

Division Rating range Contest tailored for Ideal for
Div-1 2000 + Hardcore CP The very best! The super zenthusiasts. Coders who are in it purely for the love of CP
Div-2 1600-1999 Advanced Data structures and algorithms Getting serious now. Lots of concepts and practice required to crack 5★
Div-3 1400 – 1599 Math, programming constructs, and basic DSA Fun phase. Practice and participate in multiple contests, learn the platform, learn the game
Div-4 0 – 1399 Basic programming concepts Absolute beginners. Whether you are in a school or an engineering college, this is the ideal starting point

What Changes Now?

The advent of the new Division implies some modifications to the contest structure. While no such changes affect the system for the rest of the Divisions, there will be a separate contest page for all Div 4 players, the same way it is for the rest. The problem set in this contest page will be easier than the rest, but appropriate for the skill levels of the Division.

Note that number of contests per month will remain the same, and we will not be having contests rated only for Div-4. Instead our existing contests will just have the easier problems moved to Div-4, and Div-3’s problems will get a bit more harder.


Can’t wait for Div-5 next year!