Spot the error?

Disclaimer : the contest was over in the platform it was asked so you can safely answer :slight_smile:
Problem : You have check whether the given number can be written as sum of 2 primes

sample input :

output :
yes, 20 = 17 + 3

my logic:

if number β†’ even {
print(yes) // according to goldbach conjecture
if(isprime(n-2)) print(yes)
else print(no)

what iam doing is,
when n is even it can be always written as sum of two primes
when n is odd ,
wkt, odd + odd = even
even + odd = odd
and except 2 all other primes are odd
so checking (n-2) for prime.

My solution was wrong according to Skill**ck platform
Kindly help…