StalkCoder - Codechef chrome extenison

Hello Everyone,

While in a contest we all are keen to see other users’ progress in that contest, so keeping this in mind
I have made a chrome extension which lets you stalk( or follow ) other handles ( or users ) for any live or previous contests.It gives you a scoreboard sorted by the scores and showing your rank among the ones being stalked ( hence , competitive feel )
You can find the extension here

Comments and queries are welcome.


Nice idea.
A general question
In which language it is coded? Python?

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@dhruvagga How did you implement python in backend?? Also I would suggest you to use complete words for the title of columns(example rem->remove) as it is sometimes difficult to interpret it. Anyways great extension. Kudos to you.

Please add the feature that accepts the input in the box with the enter key. It is very frustrating when the app does not accepts input from the box.

Nice work though!!

A new feature has been added.Now as you enter text for handles, you get autocomplete suggestions :slight_smile:

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I liked the complete idea , saves lot of overhead ! +1 dude :smiley:

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Coool idea.

Well yes , I have coded the back-end in python and front-end in html,js,css

Well, for the implementation part in the backend -

  1. I run a script daily to scrape any upcoming contests.
  2. Then each 5 minutes I list out from the database which all contests are running.
  3. For the contests listed out , i update the complete ranklist and store it in the database.
  4. The extension pings to my server and filters the users being stalked by you.

Yes, I will take care in the next version.

Will be doing for sure in the next update