Star Coding App

Me and my friends decided to develop an app that can help the beginners who want to start their journey in competitive programming from scratch . Finally our app “Star Coding” is now live on Play Store .
We would be really very thankful if you all download it and share your feedbacks (positive or negative) with us and if you like it then do share it with your friends.

About App :- The app is built using Flutter framework , it aims to raise awareness about competitive programming and it’s perks among the beginners . The app contains Coding Quizzes , practice problems and a brief description of data structures and algorithms. One also needs to test his/her skill and to do so they should regularly take part in the coding contests hosted by different platforms so we have added an “Upcoming Contest” section in our app which will inform you about the running and upcoming contests.

To download our app click : - Star Coding App

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