Stars before the username is not updated!

My new rating is 1633 but still 2 Stars before the username.
Admin is requested to please look into this.
Is there anyone who faces the same thing ?

Your name here shows 3 star…

Yaa… but you could visit my codechef ID. There you could see.
I have captured a screenshot.

I see…
wait for sometime then :eyes:

Santi rakh bhai… Aaajayega.


Damn! I wish i had solved one more question XD
Would have been 4 star for sure!!

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Am I shouting.:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smile:

No need to spam the discuss unnecessarily


There is a rating Predictor , you could check out there.
I used it in AUG19B Long Challenege and results are same.

I am well aware about it…
that’s why i knew i wouldn’t get rating above 1800 in this round.
Will surely try the next time! :smile:
Plus, usually ratings get updated by the end of the day…
so it takes time and be patient! :slight_smile:

Okay friend @hetp111 !

Don’t worry !!
I was also facing the same problem, just after July Long Challenge 2019 , but soon the problem was solved.

My Codechef profile stars got updated but still it isn’t showing any star on Codechef discuss portal :thinking: