Stars before the username is not updated!

My new rating is 1633 but still 2 Stars before the username.
Admin is requested to please look into this.
Is there anyone who faces the same thing ?

Your name here shows 3 star…

Yaa… but you could visit my codechef ID. There you could see.
I have captured a screenshot.

I see…
wait for sometime then :eyes:

Santi rakh bhai… Aaajayega.


Damn! I wish i had solved one more question XD
Would have been 4 star for sure!!

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Am I shouting.:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smile:

No need to spam the discuss unnecessarily


There is a rating Predictor , you could check out there.
I used it in AUG19B Long Challenege and results are same.

I am well aware about it…
that’s why i knew i wouldn’t get rating above 1800 in this round.
Will surely try the next time! :smile:
Plus, usually ratings get updated by the end of the day…
so it takes time and be patient! :slight_smile:

Okay friend @hetp111 !

Don’t worry !!
I was also facing the same problem, just after July Long Challenge 2019 , but soon the problem was solved.

My Codechef profile stars got updated but still it isn’t showing any star on Codechef discuss portal :thinking:


It takes some time for everything to get synchronised. Patience!


Don’t worry it takes some time to update

Kind of same issue ,but in my case my rating graph didn’t got updated yet.

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Yeah same thing is with me right now , maybe it would update in sometime. @admin