Start competetive coding

I have learnt C till structures,How much of C is required to start on competitive coding.I have no idea of any standard algorithms,I tried MIT OCW but it requires a lot of prerequisite such as discrete math and all.BUT I want start competitive coding,So what should I do ?

You won’t get far with C, and you won’t get anywhere with only C. Try C++ instead, it can simplify codes A LOT.

You have no idea of standard algorithms? The answer is simple: learn standard algorithms. You want to take a course that has prerequisities? Take those prerequisities first. The right thing to do is often the most obvious one, but you need to actually go and do it instead of wanting and waiting for results to drop into your lap.

  1. Open a problem from practice, preferrably easy section.
  2. Read it, try to understand it. Maybe try to solve it.
  3. If you can’t solve it, read the editorial. Try to understand it and to solve the problem.
  4. If you can’t do it, GOTO 3.
  5. Else GOTO 1.

I don’t understand “learn C++” is standing for. I think that learn C++ is completely different of learning algorithms. If you understood some algorithms fully, you could use C++ for a tool to implement it, install it and use it for solving problem. Learning c++ is different from learning trees, graph, etc.

Sorry for my bad English :frowning:


From where to learn C++ ?

And i really want to learn trees and graphs but don’t know why i am unable to grab the concepts i think i am too afraid to learn it.

Neither i know dp nor graphs… and this is the reason for my bad performance in contests…!

The language is just a tool for expressing your ideas. If you know an idea, try to google how it could be done in a language. There’s very high chance that your question has been asked before (like on Stack Overflow).

There’s also a magical site called “C++ Reference”. It contains a list of all you could possibly need - but you need to learn how to apply stuff, and that’s what coding actual problems is for.