Start of my DSA journey

Hii Guys, so from todayy I am going to start my DSA journey… wish me a luck!!!


Welcome to CodeChef, and all the best.

Here are some quick pointers from me:

  1. CodeChef has a lot of problems to practice, use them. But don’t just keep solving stuff, take time to learn new concepts as well and practice not as a sprint, but as a marathon here. And don’t hesitate to look for other solutions as well to understand different ways of implementations.
  2. CodeChef is a “Competitive Programming” platform, where you get to participate in coding contests that allow you to compete by solving problems of varying levels. The more and earlier you solve (with fewer mistakes), the better you rank. This should come later, so just be aware about it.
  3. Make use of the discussion community here as well to seek and offer inputs on problems and concepts. This may help ahead.

All the best.

  1. Getting to know the topics: The most important step is to find out the topics and the best of the resources for those. …
  2. Finding the best resources for learning DSA. …
  3. Learn the Fundamentals of DSA properly: …
  4. Master data structures and algorithms one by one: …
  5. Consistency is the key

watch stories
cc generator


where did we found best resources to learn DSA.

Just practice practice and practice