Starting into learning DSA

Hello! I am starting to learn DSA and i plan to read the entire cormen aswell( i have started it ) , after around 200 pages i found the DSA series so i have put that on hold, and started watching the DSA series here
So is it better if i watch (and solve the Qs in it if i can) before cormen or should i go with cormen before DSA or any other resource i should begin with that you guys know
Yes i already practice from the practice section but since i cant do anything that involes stuff like greedy ( seen max times ) and other algorithms that are expected off of people as i have not studied it , i have to skip some
So yes , please let me know , thanks in advance :smiley:
If you guys want to know my class etc before recommending any books:i havent started college yet but about to in few months

just complete one thing properly before moving to another!!

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