Starting to screencast

I’ve heard from people in this discord server (see the link on the post) that they like screencasts and I guess they want to see some from me. So I gave it a try for today’s Div. 3 (round 661) and tried to describe my solutions at the end for all of the problems (A-F). You can see the video here. Sorry for the bad quality this time, I’ll try to make it better for future videos.

I will probably do more for the upcoming Codeforces Div. 2’s, you can “look forward” to those.

Also, galencolin-tutorial is not dead, just taking a while to do as I’m trying other things out like the screencasts.

(By the way, if something is unclear, pleeeeeeeeease ask about it! I need feedback to calibrate my explanation style)


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Like the video.
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Will you screencast the Indian round?

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Yes, you can see it on my channel or I may edit this comment to include it.

edit: here it is: