Statistics DEC 2014

Hi all,

contest is starting slowly this time, but weekend is in front of us…

Current statistics:

CHEFPRES: 496[>= 20.0] /  385[>= 80.0] /  375[>= 100.0]
SANSKAR: 1208[>= 20.0] /  804[>= 80.0] /  713[>= 100.0]
CHEFBR:   820[>= 10.0] /  818[>= 15.0] /  727[>= 25.0] /  423[>= 90.0] /  414[>= 100.0]
DIVIDEN:   53[>= 25.0] /   28[>= 100.0]
KALKI:    333[>= 0.0]  /  207[>= 20.0] /  164[>= 40.0] /  156[>= 60.0] /    9[>= 80.0]
XORSUB:  2069[>= 30.0] / 1291[>= 70.0] / 1289[>= 100.0]
RIN:       65[>= 20.0] /   21[>= 100.0]
CAPPLE:  4571[>= 25.0] / 4570[>= 27.0] / 4506[>= 48.0] / 4504[>= 52.0] / 4259[>= 73.0] / 4241[>= 75.0] / 4240[>= 100.0]
SEAGCD:   346[>= 10.0] /  308[>= 40.0] /  189[>= 100.0]
GOODGAL:   49[>= 22.0] /   46[>= 78.0] /   39[>= 100.0]

edit: updated 0 days 12 hrs 0 min to contest end

Last update before the contest end.


Yes! because most of the people are busy with their end semester exams. :frowning:


And the questions are tough! :stuck_out_tongue:


But most of the people in IITs, NITs are over with their end sem exams…:P…

We all have completed our end sem exams and enjoying holidays , expecting a lot of participation this december

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In previous contests, I managed to solve 4 problems. This time (Yes, exams are one thing but… coding is more captivating), after solving first question, on all other questions I just scrolled up and down, tried finding on internet the related algorithms, found some but could not code them. This is one tough challenge.

I found November challenge difficult didn’t got the problem statements, had a reason semester were goin on.

Attempted November Lunchtime and wow i was screwed up… Thought i should leave the programming and should focus on my field of engineering but still continued, Then came December Challenge and this happened again :expressionless: now i think i have to study and practice a lot of algorithmic problems b4 attempting any other contest…!

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This contest is really tough indeed i suppose,as i too searched for algorithms,even studied some thoroughly,but wasn’t able to implement it.Mr. Aloknath truly made me feel that i can’t learn his sanskars.Even after trying hard,i got a feeling as if problem’s saying to me “Tumse Na ho Paega” :)I also felt the same as @rishabhprsd7 i.e about leaving this.Because spending whole day for a single problem,reaching nowhere close to the implementation of algorithms related to the problem’s is pathetic.I was totally disheartened,after my failure to get ACd :frowning:
Truly saying now i will never ever joke about Mr.Aloknath,especially about his Sanskars:)I believe all who faced trouble in solving Sanskar problem will remember him for long,so will I:-)
Guys,this contest proves that knowing the logic doesn’t mean you solved it,until n unless you can implement it:)
Will need a lot of practice.


the challenge problem ‘KALKI’ is one wicked problem alright!! There’s more to this problem every-time i look at it!! unending possibilities :wink:

I totally agree with what all of you say…

I have never had a contest where I could just sit down, with nothing on my mind besides the problems and work hard and give my best to solve them…There’s always exams, projects, a soccer match, an upcoming series, a book, etc, etc so I never can be only 100% devoted to the problems, but, I end up setting some decent ones and usually solve around 2-3 problems (excluding challenge one) in every contest, but, these ones are all very interesting and still really hard… It’s both amazing and demotivating at the same time (I guess I’ll focus everything I have to learn DP WELL and then, as I hopefully graduate next year and start a real job, I’ll possibly quit competitive programming), but I hope to learn something new from the editorials and top solutions.



Hopefully all exams went well, enjoy coding :wink:

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yes , same to you :slight_smile:

and people like me are preparing for semesters…:P…:frowning:

now waiting for the editorials :P:P:P

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Seriously man!

never mind dude…;)…All the best for your exams…do well…later you can the solve the problems in the practice section…;)…yeah the contest is comparatively tough though…:(…

Haha Seriously @xiaoyu_02

Same Here…!!

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Same here!!..

hahaha… thats true @ansh1star033

After three days of debugging and testing my code on around 1000 random test cases i got ACed on 58th attempt…!!

I will never forget this question in my whole life… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well done!! :slight_smile:
Inspiring too:)

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