STICNOT video solution

I attempted to make a video solution for STICNOT as the official solution has not appeared yet. Here it is:

This is my first solution video, so please forgive me if it is not that good :slight_smile:

Comments, questions, requests, criticism, are all welcome!

I’m open to creating more video solutions if people are interested.


Please make such video editorials for APAIRS , BINOFEV and like some of those last questions of DIV1,it would be great . It’s very hard to see a 7* giving such time for helping the community.


Wow this was cool way to solve the problem.
Would really appreciate if you could make such videos on the tougher problems like apairs and binofev.
Trust me, since a very few get 100 on those problems, noone really really makes videos on those so videos on those problems is bound to get you a lot of views