storing strings help c++ beginner



The problem is concerned with text occurrence and Im having problems with storing inputs.


abc defghi jkl

bag pencil bag notebook


abc 0

defghi jkl

bag 1

pencil bag notebook

It is to understood that the first word in the input is the “KEYWORD” to be search in a set of strings and the following set of strings are the words where you will search the occurrence of the “KEYWORD”.

The output consists of the “KEYWORD” followed by the number of its occurrence in the set of strings then next line consists of the set of strings.

so I was experimenting with this code
    string text;
    string key;
while(cin >> key && getline(cin, text, 'n'))
    cout << key << endl;
    cout << text << endl;

Its just an experimental draft on how to get the words to be placed on the string but it doesn’t work. Please suggest a way on how to get strings for that kind of problem.


int main()
string key, text;
while(cin >> key && cin.get() && getline(cin, text))
cout << key << endl;
cout << text << endl;
return 0;