Strange score change observed in JUNE19B Long Challenge

During JUNE19B Long Challenge, I managed to solve 5 ques and ended with a score of 500.
Going through my account recently I noticed all those 5 ques were being reflected in my partially solved section. I checked and the contest page now shows score to be 0 but all 5 ques have AC judgement. Why might that be happening?

Most probably they have been caught in plagiarism. Check if you received mail from codechef regarding this in your email.

Honestly there isn’t much scope for that being the case, and that too in all 5 of them. But still that was my first instinct too, and there is no such mail.

Even if you any of your code matches with anyone else’s submission, the score for that contest is set as 0. This may be a false positive too.

Check your spam section of mail.
Or else mail to Codechef.

I’ll mail this query to Codechef, thank you for the suggestions!