Streaming the recent cook-off

Hi everyone! Today, I will be streaming some upsolving of some problems from the recent cook-off (september 2020) and explaining logic, solutions, etc. as I go. It will last approximately 1.5 hours, and I’ll start from the easiest problems. I think the streaming format is perfect because it allows you to ask and have questions answered while they’re fresh.

The stream will happen around this time (today, in ~80 minutes from the time of posting this) on my channel, but there’s a possibility that it may start earlier. I really don’t know, my schedule is weird and controlled by my school, not me. But, the best way to see if it’ll start early is to subscribe :D


Stream will be live in a few minutes! Join us at

(edit: link was wrong :P)


Love the channel. Thank you so much for your streams.