STROPERS submissions in December Long Challenge

Looking at the STROPERS submissions after the contest ended. 80% of the solutions are same, some with random functions inserted in between to hide plagiarism.


This is business as usual for every Long Challenge lmao

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Lmao true

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In the last 2 days the submissions of STROPERS increase exponentially :sweat_smile:


Yeah, even HXOR suffers from the same hopefully antiplagiarism catches on to these

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same goes for the POSPREFS




short contest’s king @truly_great who is scared of participating on codeforces :rofl:

codechef must be the only place u can code, because i see you have a taste of ranting and shitposting, and bragging as well

Yeah a lot of cheating in the last 3 days, I think the questions HAILXOR, STROPRS were good and didn’t expect that much submission. Despite having good quality questions, codechef needs to do something about this.

Looking at the solutions for STROPERS, almost many solutions are the same, and for DIVPERMS, few solutions exist where literally the output values have been printed and no code logic has been used. It’s strange.

true man .

If you find any two solutions to be same, you can report them to codechef with the links of the code. They will take required action