Stuck at 2*

I am stuck at 2* on a long time. also stuck newbie on codeforces, max rating 1119.

You solved more than 500 problems less than 1000 rated, that’s a waste of time.


what should i do now? i solved 96 problem on 1100 rating still i am not fully comfortable at 1100 and 1200 rating problem.

If you want to get a rating of X, then start solving problems from X to X+200 rating range.

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How many problems do you think should be solved in a particular range? After solving 100 problems and if not comfortable then do more or move on?

I will be coming down to 2 star as well probably in the next contest :slight_smile:


Hey , what to do if i am not able to solve div 2 c? Div 2 C generally ranges from 1600-2300 and D problem goes from 1900-2600. In some problems ,i come up with a approach during the contest but won’t able to implement in it during the contest.

Most of the people are stuck in div 2. I know the basic thing is to practice problems in that particular range. But i tried practicing problems in that range but the same thing happens so i either get a WA or just sit idle without anything in my mind and then i leave the problem.

I see that you have reached 5 star in just few contests , so you definitely have practiced on some other platforms. How to get rid of all this and develop intuition and solve C and D during the contest?

It’s all about giving time and upsolving if you already know the topic.

So on codechef,
for getting 3 star, solve problems till 1700 (around 1200 codeforces)
for getting 4 star, solve problems till 2100 (around 1500 codeforces)
and for getting 5 star, solve problems till 2500 (around 1800 codeforces)

I will say, solve problems till you won’t get there.
I practice from this website here: Link

And yeah, i am coding for a long time on multiple websites. You can also check this codechef Link

Thankss for the link