Stuck in 3 Star

Hello everyone…I need hlp or some good suggestion to move forward I m stuck in 2 star nd between 3 star I m not improving well…from last 8-9 months i m trying hard but m able to solve 3 or sometime 4 question in long contest nd short if it is easy one then i m able to solve 3 otherwise 2 problem i m practice regularly I m also 5 star in Hackerrank (problem solving)…But didn’t know How to improve further @ssjgz @vijju123 @ssrivastava990 plzz suggest some valuable tips.


Hello brother,
I’m new to codechef and I’m doing pretty good for now. I’ve been to other coding websites too
before coming to codechef and I don’t know how much hard it gets once you reach at 3* and 4* so I will not say that my suggestion will perfectly work but I think you are sticking to the same way of thinking about the problem statement. I mean you should first get your theory perfect in different aspects of data structure and then study what your favorite language has to offer to meet those needs.
For eg: when I used to code in past I would only think and solve the problem using an array and simple for loop, that’s it. But with time realized that it is not sufficient and then I read about vectors, set, map, hashing, bit masking, etc, etc and you won’t believe it but it will boost your confidence and increase your area of thinking. I hope it helps but still, I’m at 2* too but I believe I would climb up. Good Luck.

getting 4 star will be easy if you practice all beginner-level problems and dsa series

Thank u bro…After listening this I get some confidence. :smiley:

Yeah I m just started with that series.I m started spoj parallelly.