Stuck on JULY20B Problems

I started the long challenge from the day 1 and at the end of the day i was done with initial 4 problems , looking over the submissions for DRCHEF and CHFNSWPS which were merely 2 digits ,i believed them to be on tougher side but as of yesterday the submission got 3 digits and now 4 digits and its been 3 days i’m not able to get AC for CHFNSWPS even though i’m passing all the manually created test cases and looking at the submissions I’m getting worried about rating and my competitive practice and knowledge.


As I can see, you have just started taking part in contests on CodeChef (March 2020). You’re rating and how many people have done the question does not matter. What matters is the knowledge you gain at the end of the contest.
Just solve as many questions as you can and then upsolve the remaining problems that you were unable to solve.
Enjoy the competitive journey, don’t stress on ratings.


I have been struggling with dr chef prblem for few days, as these long are meant for learning new concepts, i am totally puzzled what concept is needed in that problem.

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Thanks for your words !

i didnt care being stuck as i might learn something new or my implementation techniques would get better but the the amount of submissions and seeing many 1 star and unrated coders solve that got me little stressed

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You are passing manually created test cases in that problem because of the concept which you are applying ; what if your concept is wrong , because that’s what is happening if you are passing the manually created test case right ?

I agree but cant be sure since i’m getting AC verdict in task 1 of subtask 1 and task 4 of subtask 2.

I am in a similar situation. I tried an approach and only got AC in task 2 of subtask 1 of CHFNSWPS, haven’t tried DRCHEF though.

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PLZ @admin see the test cases of drchef they are very poor very very poor and some are getting AC on wrong answers too @alei

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You are not alone, everyone will go through this phase in their journey. I can relate with you here. Initially I was also frustrated and felt that my logic was perfect when I got success for some subtasks while I got failure for others. When the verdct is failure, this means we are missing something from our side. Think hard of test cases or strategies which could make your initial one fail. The problems are good and has edge cases which will blow your mind when the editorials are out as it did for me when I figured it out during the contest. - “Hardwork always beats talent if the talent doesn’t work hard”


@d0ct0r3v1l understanding u very well

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Thank you for you words !!

I understand this sucks since determining where we are wrong seems impossible sometimes

this doesn’t somehow guarantees that whatever logic you have made to solve that particular problem is full correct. You must be missing out on some edge cases or even int overflow or some other loophole. IN short it’s not necessary that if you pass one of two testcases and fail on others, then you logic is absolutely correct ! try to figure out what loopholes might be there in your code.

There is something about it, I am stuck!


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Similar here bro!

Keep trying brother. You will definitely get it. Also tbh, Long Challenges aren’t worth the time spent. :slight_smile:

but why ? aren’t questions good here ?