Hi all,

Glad to be here with you guys. I’m a beginner in competitive programming so I really want to learn more from you. As a beginner, I feel quite hard to start, and discouraged sometimes. I try to practice on Codeforces everyday but my progress is so slow.

Therefore, I really want to form a study group for beginners like me to solve problems together. I think this is an efficient way to learn because we can share ideas with others, help others fix bug, etc. I believe that sharing is learning.

Some information about this group
1. How does this group work?

  • Well, at the beginning, I think we can try to solve the problems on Codeforces. These problems are sorted by the number of people solved so we can be easier to start from scratch. At least one problem per day (depending on our speed)!

2. Who can join this group?

  • Welcome all of you guys but I encourage only the beginners (Codeforces rating < 900) should join because if you’re a good one, you may feel very bored with these easy challenges.

3. Where will this group be?

  • I think a Facebook group is convenient for all. I will update the link of group here if there are many people interest in this project.
    UPDATE: Thanks for your interest, this is the link to Facebook group for those who want to join and practice together.

It’s all about what I want to say. Thanks for your time and I hope we’ll have a great time together.

Happy coding,



Hey, I use CF for practice. But you want to use codechef platform to advertise for your CF study group? That’s just mean…

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Hi @dardev,
Thanks for your concern.
Since there are not many active forums for competitive programming and I find Codechef is a good one to express my idea because there are many people who love competitive programming here. As I said, we can practice via Codeforces platform at the beginning and when we are better and better, we should try on other platforms.
For me, what platform to start is not so important, the more important thing is we’re building the habit to practice everyday.

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According to me, taking only beginners in group won’t help because none of the group members will have good ideas/optimization/logic etc. If you have group with no rating limits, you can learn from others.

You’re right, I’m just afraid that good people might be bored with easy problems. But if they interest in this group and want to help others, why not welcome them all.

How can i join this group ? Any link to join the group ?

Thanks for your interest, I’ve updated the link at the post so follow the link if you want to join. Hope to see you there.

The link is not loading the page

Please try again, the link is still working. Thanks

This link is taking too long to respond Still page is not loading . If you can please form some What’s app group and share it’s link because i want to learn to code at any cost but it’s not loading link is working but page is not opening

Can you try it on PC? If it still doesn’t work, you can give me your Facebook link and I’ll add you to group. Thanks

My advise to give members -
Solve abc problems in starting phase and see the result.


Advise which I give to everyone -
" Participate in all contest. Read editorials. Upsolve problems."