Submission blocked

I am new to codechef (Registered today). Participating in snackdown 2019.When i click the submit button it says ‘is blocked’.Please help i am not able to submit any answer.

I have the same problem. Please, somebody help.

Me 2 Its Too bad i have already solved many problems but cant submit them

I think only the main one i.e. the one who created the team can only submit. The one who was invited cannot.

I can’t submit either and it says I’m a participant.

I am having the same problem.

You have to register for it first in order to submit the answer…The option to register is there on starting page of the problems

Did you guys register for the contest or make a team?

Yes I have registered for snackdown 2019 and have made a team also. It says participant

It is false. I can submit although I’m a participant.

It shows you that you are a participant but try asking or submitting the code by the account of the ADMIN(who created the team) of the team. You may also try in Incognito Mode in chrome
Best of Luck

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Screenshot the error to or to me over mail. We will look over the issue asap.

If you had got an error message on submit page, while submitting using your personal user handles (not team), please try submitting again, it was a bug at our end, which has been resolved now, sorry for the inconvenience.

If anyone’s facing this issue with team handle, please let us know.

You may use team account and your team members will use his own account. Problem solved !

But in our case. Team Admin and I were able to submit soln by our own account. Me that was a bug as pointed out by @admin.