submission error while coding under python 3

I tried to solve the problem statement under code chef website … whose problem code is


even after getting the expected output from the below code … on submission it says the answer is wrong

n = int(input()) #enter no. of test cases

for i in range(n):

len=int(input()) # enter length of list

input_string = input() # Enter numbers separated by spaces:

numbers = list(map(int, input_string.split()))

print(“Printing elements in reverse order :”)

for i in numbers[::-1]:

print(i,end=" ")


print(“printing every 3rd element with 3 added to it:”)

for e in [x+3 for x in numbers[3::3]]:

print(e,end=" ")


print(“printing every 5th element with 7 subtracted from it:”)

for e in [x-7 for x in numbers[5::5]]:

print(e,end=" ")


print(“printing sum of elements from 3 to 7:”)


what should i do ??

i have to submit this problem till tonight