Submission Heat Map Malfunctioned

As you can see on the picture it says that I did 41 submitions on Feb 17, 2023.
However, if you go to my activity, that day I did only something like less than 15 submitions. Also for day Feb 18, 2023 it states that I already have 27 submitions…
Something is off.
My profile: theairo1 | CodeChef User Profile for Nikolay Domashenko | CodeChef

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The difference in numbers is because we have started counting your Run submissions towards activity on CodeChef. We will see how we can either communicate it better on the profile or remove it altogether.

What would you want?

I am not really able to understand what that is.

However, it seems that for little submititions I get a lot on a heat map, which is bad from by perpesctive, because if you solve a lot of problems in a day, it’s not gonna be special (everything would be dark green anyway)
That’s my opinion.

I was talking about this button.

We want the heat map to reflect your activity on CodeChef. Right now, it includes your code runs, your submissions and your 1v1 submissions. We will probably change the colors so that only high activity will show dark green.

I have observed that Codechef is counting compile/run submissions AND actual submissions(and possibly 1v1 submissions, as stated by justani) in the heat map whereas only actual submissions appear in the “Recent Activity”.

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Oh, I see now, then it might even be a good thing. Thanks for clarification.

Thanks for clarification

But in my case, I have not done “any” submissions/runs and it is showing green!

Hey @xkshitij,
The heat map also includes your game submissions. Maybe you have submitted in games?