Submission Queued for too long

Codechef submission

What has happened to code chef??? Server errors and now submissions are taking too long to judge.
@admin Can we do anything to resolve this because I love participating in competitions here.


Exactly. Either extend the contest time or something.


exactly my solution was in queue for more than 15 minutes and they doesn’t even add them in queue. IDE is saying unable to connect. what the fuck man.

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:joy: I am still in the queue it’s been 35 min.

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har jagge codechef ko defend mt krne aaya kar , Jab queue ha too queue ha maanleee kehre ha sab toh

Screenshot from 2021-01-31 00-05-42

i think you all are seeing this for the first time ,you should also think that no body wants submission to take so long , i dont know what is the need to troll.

Due to the long queue , I couldnt submit my correct ans and the time finished

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I’m not defending. I’m just stating a weird fact. I’m also affected and sad :cry:

I was in queue too but then it suddenly says unable to connect. My solution didn’t got checked

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after the contest result updated as AC in ranklist but in profile page submission is in queued.

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it’s showing all correct i sat for like 30 min. with the right answer and it still won’t be counted.

why is it not evaluating my ans ??its been 15 min now contest is over i submitted 15 min befre the end …it will be evalueated right??

Bro, Click on view solution and then scroll down it will show the result.

I too have the same question

Atleast it didnt crashed this time…

its time to utilise the money earned by codechef form unacademy on their server…server keep crashing on every rated short contest

yeah I can see. it is in queue. I thought it doesn’t even get added in queue.