Submissions compiled after the contest not contributing to score

I submitted the following code nearly three minutes before the April Long Challenge ended. But my score has not been updated for the same. Here is a link to the submission.

Also, I checked some other submissions. I think it is a common issue. Please check.

@admin @mgch . I was seeing all submissions page Just after the contest was over. There were submission which were still processing after 3.30 pm. Big queue was there on system. At around 5-6 am. System was taking about 3-4 min to process the result.

One suggestion Please don’t make the challenge problem such that anyone can atleast get AC. For this contest challenge problem Submissions which simply print A[i]. No processing. Or which print A[i]+k . Were awarded around ~80-90 points. This was the main reason for Big Queue.

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@aryanc403- Thats not correct, and wont help. One instance I can give is, that today itself, some guy submitted \approx 60 submissions on PyPy, each of which took 20secs to get verdict.

A better solution which we suggested what "Limit number of submissions a user can make in X minutes to Y"- i.e. dont allow indefinite submissions for any problem.

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@vijju123 I am not an expert on this, but won’t limiting the number of submissions hamper the spirit of learning for which Long Challenge is conducted?

No. Currently, there is a limit of “No more than 500 submissions to each problem” which is restricted to 200 for challenge. 500 submissions, would actually take a good deal of time. I never crossed 130 in worst case.

What we are proposing, we will limit it like, you cannot submit more than, say, 10 submissions in 20 minutes, or something like that (numbers are not the ones we use/will use). That guy, who I quoted, used rand() function and submitted 60 submissions back to back which caused the queue. We dont want that :frowning:

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@vijju123 Will the score be recalculated for my submissions?

Recalculated as in? For challenge problem rejudge on full TCs?

@vijju123 No. My total score does not take into account the score I got for the challenge problem just because the challenge problem was compiled after the contest ended. The submission for the problem was made during the contest. I am just asking whether my score will be corrected taking into account my submission for the challenge problem.

@vijju123 If you add up the individual scores here, you will understand what I am trying to convey:

For challenge problem, the problem goes to a rejudge on full test cases after contest ends. Submissions made during the contest are considered. But the points may change depending on how your code performs for full test cases.

@vijju123 Okay, so after the rejudging, the initial score does not matter, is it so? Also, is the total score recomputed?

It will be. If this persists for over a day, however, do ping me. I will get it sorted if its a bug.

@vijju123 Okay, thanks.

@vijju123 Thanks, the score got updated. Also, if you could also help me with this small problem, it will be great:

I actually dont know much regarding things where teams are involved. I dont think you can rename your codechef username. For team, let me ask.