Submitted after the contest ended but going to lost rating! RESTORE_

I didn’t see the counter of the remaining time on the problem page, so I thought the contest is finished and submitted. Unfortunately, my submission is a WA. I made some small changes and tried to submit it again in no vain.

Here is what CodeChef says:

Now I’m shocked that I will gain -ve delta in my rating! This live rating graph indicates that my submission exactly was at the last minute!

My submission’s time is exactly the last minute.

I will be thankful if you fix the remaining time counter on the problems page and keep my rating the same with no change. :blush:

I can’t find myself in the contest standings which may be good news :joy:

We don’t see any issue with the timer on our end. You probably just missed seeing it. If you do encounter something like this again, do take a screenshot and report it.
As for the rating - unfortunately, we cannot make a contest unrated for someone who has submitted in the contest.

My issue may be because my PC’s time was ahead of the actual time of your servers, and your frontend uses my machine’s time and according to it the contest ended.

Anyway, I think you should add some alarms when the contest starts and ends like codeforces.