Submitting unscored problems in different division

Hello coders!

Recently, CodeChef split competitions into two divisions. In MARCH18 I’m part of Div 1 but I want to submit some problems in Div 2 just for fun, without being ranked. According to the rules (Contest Divisions | CodeChef):

You will be able to attempt the problems from the other Division also, during the contest itself, but they will be in a separate ‘Non Scorable’ section, and those problems will not affect your rating or ranking.

But when I try to submit CHEFGLOVE (CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone), I see an error message:

You do not belong to this Division. Please submit in your Division contest here. To know more about Divisions, go here.

Tweaking the URL as for non-competition problems doesn’t work either: CHEGLOVE Problem - CodeChef

So how do you submit unscored problems in divisions different from yours?



try this…
the problems which are of division2 only have been given below the problems for division1 on the division1 page

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Thanks, it works! I hadn’t seen it. :slight_smile: