Subtasks in partially solved problem

I am little new here. I have few doubts

  1. What is meant by partially accepted solution? Is it like my code is correct but not optimal? please explain.
  2. Here are the subtasks given in the problem


       * 1≤T≤10^5

       * 1≤TS≤10^18


       **Subtask #1 (20 points):** T,TS≤100

       **Subtask #2 (80 points):** original constraints

I am getting full points in subtask #1 but 0 in subtask #2. What is the reason for that??

Subtasks means different constraints. Brute Force or a solution with comparatively high complexity than optimal may pass subtasks with lower constraints and will give you partial AC. You have to optimize your code to pass the Subtask 2 (in your case).


If the verdict is WA (Wrong Answer) for larger constraints you’ll have to rethink your logic and/or the data types you use. If it’s TLE (Time Limit Exceeded) , then you’ll have to come up with something faster.