Sudden bump in number of solution

I see there is sudden bump in number of solution of ongoing long september challenge. idk why solution of particular 2 questions shoot up in span of 2 days of time.

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Cheating Bro :weary: :pleading_face:


It happens when a solution leaks.


Maybe you shouldnt care about the submissions and focus more on your problem solving skills. If your worried about ratings and other metrics using which you can compare yourself with others, well there are better ways in which you can insult yourself.


@xchampionx if uh wanted to say dis then why uh used a new profile dis shows that u have been cheating in previous contest and may be in this contest as well.

wait what? this is my only profile. maybe you shouldn’t talk about things you have no idea about. Oh well nvm, you spend time fighting plagiarism. Goodluck.

Obvious reason :frowning: