Sudden Rank Inflation

Why is there a sudden rank inflation in this month’s long challenge for div2. Ranks are going downwards with 1 Rank/minute. Something’s quite Fishy. It makes me feel that the there are teams participating in this challenge rather as an individual.Well I have observed this trend in previous long challenge also. But didn’t want to mention,as not to break the spirit or offend anyone. But not this time.
What’s your opinion.

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it happens in most of the long challanges there are many people who ask solution on different sites and there are many who answer . I have seen such things in some groups and there are also some people who ask problems on stackoverflow.


Its such a disgrace people doing such nasty stuff.


There was already a long futile discussion on this topic ( ). No need to discuss it again.

In this long challenge rank inflation is more due ti number participants have also increased as due to COVID-19. if you see some of the rank holders in division 2 were having higher ranking and didn’t participated but as due to lock down everyone is participating and that’s the bigger reason for this contest and even the challenge question is quite easy compared to previous long challenge.
SO its also better chance to Know our place.


It is common that people discuss solutions. (Probably batchmates or friends)
I have heard a lot about it and seen it happening too.
See FEB long challenge there are thousands of 0 pts. solutions.
So whether it is right or wrong we can do nothing about it .
Note - I don’t do it and I don’t encourage it.

Sorry, I didn’t know about that.

sad to know that… its the one who tells the solution is at fault \ before contest ends .
i think if codechef puts a request not to tell solution at problem page it may help

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