Suffix Array Problem

Hi everyone, I am trying to learn suffix arrays. How can I implement code of this algorithm ? I tried search it on google. But codes that I found are very complex. Please show me how can I code this.

I think you already know the brute force approach, which is to loop i from 0 to n-1 and store all substrings from i to n-1 in an array of strings and then just sort it. I don’t think its that hard to code and i think you were referring to the optimized approaches.

If you want it to be more efficient you will have to study a more complex approach. I personally haven’t studied suffix arrays, I just had a quick look at it. All i can tell you is to not be afraid of complex code. Everything seems hard before it becomes easy.

You can reffer to this website (suffix arrays from )for more info. Its a very good website for competitive programming.

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You are right fr. Thanks you.
This resources looks good : Suffix Array - Algorithms for Competitive Programming
so thanks…