Suggest new features you think should be added to CodeChef ?

I know have improved a lot by this codechef…its really awesome. But i would like to tell to the admin that codechef should improve a bit more, imean should add some more features…Such as message our doubts to our friends etc.This can be blocked during contests…


Message is bad idea for contests. It would be great if like in SPOJ we could mark the TODO questions.

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The simplest feature to add is marking solved problems, attempted problems and unattempted problems.

Yes, there are browser extensions available. But, the direct support in the website itself would be great.

Of course, I know this is not in the immediate TODO list of codechef, but this would be a good suggestion. And I think this is the most suggested and the oldest one. Nevertheless, this is a good suggestion.


Yes, this has been a recent suggestion by many.

We need a direct link to from


I understand the pressure on the problem setters and testers, but still I think this is a perfectly valid desire from me, and I guess few others as well.

Two short contests(Cook-Off) per month!

  • Yes, two Cook-off’s is a pretty good idea as bugkiller suggested.

  • Long contests of atmost 5-6 days thus providing sufficient time for cook-offs and other contests.

  • Feature to let us know how many test case passed and on which test case our code failed, like in codeforces or interviewstreet. However, codechef may disable it during contests.

  • As tijoforyou suggested, a link to namely “back to home” on page.

  • A link “View all” on the home page just beside “Recent Questions”.

  • A, must needed TODO set for -->

    1) Attempted but yet unsolved problems.
    2) Problems to try in future.

  • A comment downvote option.


The messaging feature would be good.
But as mentioned by @sparshgunner12 and @tijoforyou, a much needed feature is to mark a problem as TODO or something similar.

One more feature can be tagging/classifying problems according to the algorithms. This could be on a separate page and not displayed on the problem page itself. This way, if I want to solve problems based on segment trees, I can search for it on this page; and if someone wants to attempt problems without knowing which algorithm to use then he/she can stay away from that page.


Some of the suggestions that i would personally like are :

  1. Feature to invite friends to codechef
  2. An option to follow(like in popular social networking sites) certain users or add them so that we could get to their profile easily… let it be friends or top performers… it will be a great addition, we could watch our friends and compete !!
  3. And two short contests like what @bugkiller mentioned :stuck_out_tongue:
  4. ( a little too much to ask :stuck_out_tongue: ) Something to keep users motivated to learn more !! never to give up and work hard !! P.S codechef already does a lot of things for its users, but i’m talking about doing something to help out its mid-level and novice users to become skilled…!! codechef would then be a paradise to programmers :stuck_out_tongue:
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  1. I program in Java . So when I submit a solution I want to compare runtime of my accepted solution with the runtime of other Java solutions . However since Java takes more time and C++ solutions are fast , I have to scroll through many pages to compare , especially when number of submissions are more than 100 . And when they are more than 1000 it is impossible to find runtime of other Java solutions and compare . A filter by language in successful submissions category would be useful .

  2. Two COOK-OFFs : I want that too .

  3. Marking of solved questions/attempted /unattempted/TO-DO supported directly by the website .

  4. Better memory profiling of submissions in Java. Currently a solution in Java which uses almost no extra memory like hello world also takes 1400 MB according to SPOJ . The memory profiling should be program specific and accurate and not just what has been reserved by the VM for my program + the memory VM itself takes. That doesn’t give an idea of memory usage of my program .

  5. The links to editorials in the wiki page should be updated immediately after the editorials are published .


I’d like to have (without repeating the things already mentioned here) “blog” functionality as I have on CodeForces - possibility to write some text that is not a question, but I’d like to make it public for all CodeChef users…


I’d like to have “report button” next to the comment on problem statement page, I’ll use it a lot during the contest :wink:


I’d like to have possibility to contect administrator from discuss. We know, that admins are not reading all post here. It would be fine if there is possibility to rivet to the post, because there are questions we cannot answer. This can be available only for users with some karma.

  • A better editor.
  • Easier access to previously submitted solutions
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Here are my suggestions :slight_smile: Please do consider.

  1. Problem customized time limits. For most problems the time limit formulae work out. But for some problems I can’t seem to get AC in Java that got AC in C++ (I used fast I/O too). The problem setters should be able to customize the time limits for some majorly used languages.
  2. As @bugkiller suggested, maybe 2 cook-offs per month at separate timezones.
  3. Ability to +1 comments below problems. So any problems with the problems can be easily noticed.
  4. Ability to add friends.

Thank you for this amazing site. Its loads better than some other ones.

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why codechef doesn’t allow login from multiple devices? 2 at least? i am sure there are many people like me who take part in competitions more den doing prcatise problems, so only time we visit is during contest. But at other times we come for the discussions, to get and give answers. but if multiple log ins are allowed, we could take part in discussions from our cellphones itself. saves lots of time… so if possible :slight_smile:


If we have solved any question & after many day we try to solve the same problem. So, on problem page, it must be written that this questions is solved. And if in one attempt we are unable to solve the problem then rejected submission code should be on problem page for hints.

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I’d like to ask something here. :slight_smile:

The ranklists pages should be 100%-wide.

Example of annoying table with scrollbars :

The problem here is we can’t easily navigate into that pages.

Adding the possibility to split it into several pages would be perfect, but the priority is in the width, i think.

Thanks !


Something like this chrome extension would be nice. I don’t want to use chrome but this extension is just so fantastic.

Knowing which of the test cases failed would be great. The info may be passed on to us after the end of the competition if that helps maintain a level playing field?

its not something huge…during short contests the site becomes awfully slow…and it sometimes affects the performance too…2-3 cookoffs back site crashed for about 20-30 minutes…now some ppl had opened the problems while i could not…so the ranks went all haywire…if this can be rectified…its one of the best coding sites around…i hope this can be arranged…

Direct link to Contest times for all timezones

In the page where all contests are listed (, it would be good, if you could make the times (start time and end time of each contest) hyperlink to so that it shows you the times for all timezones.

One can of course find the timezone if we go to the homepage of the particular contest. But, that is a two-click process. If Codechef could support this as well, it will be a one-click process, which we all would like.

I never thought about this, when I was back in India. But now, I moved abroad, and it is a bit difficult to keep sync with IST. I mess up the timings almost every time, now.



Have you guys faced an issue where after submitted solution is tested , we hit the browser back button and the solution gets submitted again. I am not 100% sure but browser back button had some issues.

I would also like input and output using functions like topcoder. (Although I don’t know why many competitions still use the std i/o.)

Something to borrow from HACKERRANK, show which test-cases failed with their times without actually revealing the output.