Suggestion/Feedback for the improvement of ICPC.

This thread is to discuss the Suggestion or improvement of ICPC Online round in hope that Codechef/responsible bodies for conducting ICPC in India will improve the online round. Online round being the first round of the prestigious ICPC should happen more satisfactorily.

  1. Firstly, the problemset should be balanced. More like [ACMIND16][1]
  2. No of problems should increase ( 7 - 10 ) and time should be about 5 hours.
  3. Only (70% - 80%) of the seats for regionals should be for the top teams from college. Some % of seats (20% - 30%) should be reserved for the overall top performers. This along with diversifying the number of colleges also ensures that really very good deserving teams ( like in Top 100 ) don’t miss the chance for regionals and makes the onsite competition intense.[ Last time KOL-KAN and AMRITAPURI took all the teams who were first from college ( and only those teams ) even if that team has sovled one problem with 10 penalties at the end of contest and has last rank overall. In contrast Chennai had 30 seats reserved for top performers overall. ]
  4. Add those problems to Practice and add Editorials quickly. ACMIND16 problems were added after months, although this year problems were added quickly.

Please add more suggestions or feedback so that ICPC online round happens better in coming years.


Decrease or Cancel registration fees for online round.


Although I believe Night time is best for coding, and time slot for online round was good,
I would like to mention problems about teams with 2 or 1 male and 1 or 2 female.
Most students stay in hostel/mess where entry of opposite sex students are strictly prohibited.
So, as they need to be together, their option is college.
Now at college, It becomes very hard to manage permission for staying upto 10:30 PM.
Specifically when team has 1 female and 2 male.
Again, I don’t want to code on daytime either, So I am confused here.