Suggestion for Codechef Forums

Hi everyone!

I would like to suggest a feature for the Codechef Discuss platform. I think that having a notification icon would be really helpful. Whenever someone answers our question or answers a question we want an answer too, then as of now, we have to go search for that question and check. Also, if someone comments/ replies, then also we have to go and open that particular question.

I think that it would be really helpful if @admin considers taking up this suggestion. If anyone has any other improvements, please answer!


Don’t know if you noticed but we can subscribe to follow a question using the menu on the right of the page. The notifications can be either e-mail or read in a RSS feed.

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Exactly! Nice one!

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Thanks @sandy999 ! Now the irony is that to check for any comment, I had to open the question again :stuck_out_tongue:


please upvote this.

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Yeah…It’s really a very good idea. Mostly all the forums provide this feature.

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But would’t it be great if we get all the notifications here it self…Just right after our account name.

Notification by email or in RSS feed? What good will that do?

I agree with @hardik94 :slight_smile:

@hardik94, Exactly!

Having a notification button is good. My point is to mention an existing alternative (which happens to work great for me). While I always have e-mail open, I don’t have a forum tab open all the time.


Varies with everyone though. Not everyone would like to have their inbox to be flooded with notifications. It is always better to have a notification icon.

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“Not everyone would like to have their inbox to be flooded with notifications.”

Sure, that’s an advantage of a RSS feed.

@mogers, ^ true that. But most people don’t even know about RSS :stuck_out_tongue: