Hi Codechefers,

I want to increase my typing speed. It would be quite great if someone could suggest best site to practice TOUCH TYPING.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Your suggestions will help improve Coders to Code More and More Faster.


Just to note, typing speed is one of the least important things you can train for CP


But Any Suggestion would be a great help . Also Please let me know what areas can I improve to better my CP skills , I recently just went through one blog and there it was mentioned that you need to be fast typer.

Please suggest a roadmap I am confused and this is allowing me to stay awake at 3.00 AM . Searching about how to be good at CP.


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What blog did you see? Chances are, a lot of other things on it are wrong too. The roadmap is to practice. Just practice. Do problems that challenge you, spend time thinking about them, and you’ll get better at thinking.

Alternatively, if you feel your typing speed is really holding you back, practice writing code - it’ll train you on the specific statements you often need to type for code and not irrelevant other stuff.


I tried this test, and I type at only 215 characters per minute. That felt too slow so I tried measuring my coding speed. And I my coding speed is approximately 300 - 320 Characters per minute. What causes this discrepancy? That’s because I code a lot more than I type passages. If you want to improve your coding speed, you need to start typing more code, rather than work on your speed separately, which is counterproductive.