Suggestion of a method to tackle cheating in long challenge

I have thought of a method to tackle all these cheatings done in long challenge. May be this will not directly stop the cheating but may stop indirectly. The method is : Codechef should have different ratings for each of the three contests it organizes. Also it should maintain stars for each of the three contest based on which users will participate in respective contest. So, suppose if someone has 5* in long challenge and 3* in lunchtime, then they can enter Div1 in long challenge but only Div2 in lunchtime. In this way, even if someone has a great rating in long challenge, the competitive nature in them will make them work hard to achieve good rating in short contests as well. @admin please look at my suggestion and see if this can be implemented.


there are already many thread for suggestions how to stop cheating please don’t create new.

One more thing.


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Cons of this method of have already been discussed.

This is a good suggestion. But instead of “Suggestion oo f a Method to Tackle Cheating” - the title must be “Decide division to allow in tbased on the rating in that category” - I am division 1 in codechef long, but I don’t think I stand a chance in short contests in div 1.

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Same , totally agree . I find div2 short contests of codeforces much more feasible for me than codechef short challenges . They are hard enough to spoil all the fun that one gets in contest