Suggestion-Show details of test cases passing etc. for Q with no subtasks

Hello guys!

As we all know, that whenever we try to solve a Q on codechef which has a subtask, we get a window like this-

alt text

But its not the case for problems without sub-tasks. In those problems we get a simple WA, TLE or green tick of correct answer.

I wish to suggest to add the feature of showing details of test cases for problems with no sub-tasks too. It would be of great help in debugging if we are able to see how many test-cases we passed/failed. Examples-

  1. A correct answer on sample cases, but failing every other test case would immediately hint at misinterpretation of problem or violation of output rule.

  2. Seeing your code failing on 1-2 test cases out of 15 would hint that you’re missing a corner case, while seeing code fail on 14/15 test-cases hint at program being wrongly implemented/Q being misinterpreted. This is important because on receiving a simple cross and WA, programmer is left confused if its due to misinterpreting problem, due to failing in corner case, or complete wrong implementation of program altogether.

I think many of us would appreciate this feature! But I wish to know what you guys have to say, if you guys have anything to add-on or change. Please share your views :slight_smile:


This is not always the case. It does not depend on whether the problems has subtasks or not. There are some problems that do not have subtasks but still show the detail and there are problems which have subtasks but still do not show their detail. But yes, codechef should show details of every problem.


yup…strongly support the proposal.
Looking at the bigger picture always proves useful.


I agree with this point.It must show test-cases like codeforces does after the contest is over.

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Nice pic deer.

Agree with you, But actually many contest contain only one ( But bigger ) Test Case

Is it? I am honestly unaware of that. Can you provide any link of problem where problem has no subtask but shows detail? And thanks for your views! :slight_smile:

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It says access denied. I am sorry for pestering you, but I think a link to problem will work, I will check rest myself. Sorry for bothering!

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True! Then I think codechef has more reason to accept the suggestion. Thanks dear! :slight_smile: