Suggestion to improve Codechef

Partially Solved count functionality is not working on the profile page?

Not sure what you mean. Explain in detail?

Can you check my profile, In the last section
" Partially Solved (10)"
Here Partially Solved means,

  1. problems that I have solved but only some test cases passed?
  2. It also includes the problems for which I made wrong submissions? (no test case pass)

Most of the websites maintain the second part. It helps the user in tracking unsolved problems.

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One more general suggestion, If possible in the contest Please give an order to problems (such as A, B, C…). It becomes very difficult for the user to identify if in case order of the problems got changed during the contest due to the change in solve count.

No. Partially solved refers to problems which have subtasks, and you have solved some subtask, but not the whole 100% subtask. Hence ‘partially’ solved.

For problems where you have made submissions, you can look at Solve Coding Problems Online - CodeChef and the “Attempted” tab there.

It is a feature, not a bug.
But we might add some “A, B” to the problem names while keeping the order dynamic. Not sure.