Suggestion to improve learn and practice mode

I have following to suggestions for codechef developers regarding learn and practice mode.

  1. Option to mark a question as DONE without actually solving it. Many questions in practice or 2to3 star seems just too easy, I built the logic but don’t want to waste my time actually solving it. So such facility would help to save time and remember which questions I am already done with.

  2. In 2to3 star like collection of questions you have made, also display the difficulty of questions. That’s always helpful.

Hey @sarthakgangwal, Sure we will take these suggestions into account.

If you already know the logic for a problem, you can look at one of the AC submission of the problem and see if that is implemented as you expected. For now, you can also just copy paste and submit that solution. That way, you will be sure that you did not miss any edge case, you will get better at reading other people’s code and the problem will marked as done for you.

I know this is not ideal, but just a suggestion till we work on building the “Mark as done” feature.

You second suggestion is pretty straightforward and expect us to implement that in few days.