I have covered most of c++ theory and have done few beginners practice problem , I wanted to know if I should practice more of beginners problem or move to easy or medium question?
Being inexperienced I would very highly value any advice you give me.

If you feel like beginner questions are too easy (I suppose you mean cakewalk/simple by this) then move on to problems tagged easy. I still believe it would be best to dip your toes in the waters of contests. Just try 3-4 past short contests and 3-4 past long contests, with no help of external resources and editorials of course. Then you’ll see where you currently stand.

If you got stuck on easy problem many times, do easy. Say you got stuck on simple, do simple. This isn’t the best way to measure your skills, but is probably the quickest and a pretty accurate one.

Whenever you’re stuck during practice don’t skip a problem if you’ve been thinking about it for 30-40 minutes and it’s not too far outside your comfort zone (e. g. you solve easy and it’s of medium difficulty). Just read the editorial and spend as much time as needed to understand it and solve the problem. When you become a bit better it will be ok to skip a problem if you feel like you could give yourself more time to think, but right now this is the best solution.

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