Suggestions on IDE

Hi there! I practise a lot so I noticed some things that would make it more comfortable to practise.
For some reason IDE on CodeChef has lower fps, so I prefer writing smoothly on external IDE “CodeChef online IDE”.
But every time I pick a problem I have to follow this path: [Switch to Old Problems Page] → [Scroll down] → [Submit]. It would be great if there would be a button to directy go to external IDE on the current problem.
One more thing, the font of external IDE seems to be small but when I change it and even save as template - next time it’s again default, it doesn’t save for some reason.

Thanks for reporting.

We are aware of the IDE on the problem page being slow on some systems, and we are working on it. Hopefully in 1-2 weeks, this should be fixed.

We aren’t able to replicate the font-size issue that you are mentioning. Can you please send an email to with details like the browser/OS that you are using?

@theairo1 The new IDE should feel fast now. Please try it once again and let us know.

Thanks for the support!
Works great!

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