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Hey coders,
I’ve been stuck with the problems lately. In every contest, i’m able to do the first 2-3 questions and then i get stuck. I’ve a good command over C++ and I’ve been advised to learn algorithms and DP to move further. Also, some topics of algorithms like dijkstra algorithm, greedy ,graphs etc have been taught to me in college first year but i’m not able to apply it in questions. I want suggestions from you that how can I improve to elevate my current skill and from where.
Thank you.

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try to solve at least 2 ques which u were not able to solve during contest
check editorials and other people’s code
you wont find direct implementation of any common algo on codechef probs (may be sometimes)
when u say c++, do u know abt STL, fast io and how other coders debug their code ?
I usually code in java so cannot help much in c++ but sure theres much much more stuffs to learn


Yes, recently I’ve started seeing the editorials and do the questions which I couldn’t do.
I’m exploring the template libraries and such stuff. Not so fluent as of now.
Yes, I know there’s much much stuff to learn and want to know what all topics should I see.

theres no syllabus
but if u see past probs then u will get to know abt common algos and DS

Hi Ganesh, I also code in java, can you help me regarding fast IO, I often use BufferedReader class for IO and, can you help me regarding common practice for CP ? Thanks for Your time man :slight_smile:

I use num 4 in the link below

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Thanks :slight_smile: