Super() function with no parameters

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I read an article that claims it has additional use, such as providing the syntax for invoking the base class constructor with no parameters. Except for java.lang.Object, all classes have a base class. Is that right? Can someone explain me?

yes, absolutely true, but I think you are confusing something. super() accesses the “superclass”, also called “base class” or “parent class” sometimes. These 3 are the same, just different names. Superclass, as far as I know, is the proper term though.

An additional note: The super()-call in your Product-class is unnecessary. You only need it to access a superclass, that is not Object. The Product-constructor will behave exactly the same with or without that super() call.

A tip: maybe try to read about these topics on stack overflow. The article you linked is correct, I found no error. But the wording was very confusing to me.