Suspicion about Chef and Circle run problem of August Long challenge



I’m damn sure that my code gives 100% accuracy for any kind of input…
But unfortunately… mine is able to manage to pass only subtask 1 to get just 20 points…
And surprisingly, all the cases of remaining subtasks are getting WA verdict…
How come??
What I wanna know by asking this question is how the online compiler of codechef will evaluate our codes??
All the cases in one subtask would be considered as 1 single test case??


Your code must have few things missing in it that is why everyone code is showing WA verdict. for coding just search for an online Dissertation help from any expert coder he will guide you what’s the problem.


i am also getting the same problem. but i can pass only 2 subtasks and and in the rest i am getting WA verdict
plz take necessary actions…i am also sure about my code


It often seems that our solution is correct even though its not the case. Only later we find out that there is some stupid mistake. There could be many reasons that you are able to pass 1st subtask but not the later ones.
Few of them being not handling large integers properly or maybe the test cases of 1st subtask is not able to find out the incorrectness of your code (could be called weak test cases). So, I would suggest you to review your code once again.


No… I’ve been debugging it for 3 days… nothing wrong with my code…
I checked it with each and every corner case possible… and as you said… improper handling of larger integers might be the reason… so, not to get these kind of errors i declared each and every variable i used as long long…