TA Hiring Challenge

I submitted my solution for a question in the UNACADEMY HIRING TEST at the last minute at 6:59 pm ! And It gave me an AC verdict at 7:02pm , My score has not been updated since , It should be 500 but it is 400 , Will this question be marked , I am worried Please clear it out , @admin Please help me out !! in this situation


Same here. Me submitted at 6.55 ,got AC, score did not update.

@knightknight, did you solve " maximum xor of subsequence" question??
if so pls share idea or code

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Just Google it. It’s a quite famous problem. Few links which may help :

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Yes it is a SPOJ problem ! It is a problem you should definatly ponder upon, Try solving it using Trie

Any updates to anyone getting selected on the TA hiring contest?

I got rejected in the last round

you applied for full time or part time??

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How many rounds were there?

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can you please tell where was this hiring challange conducted ?

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full time

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one non technical interview then technical interview

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What was your score in the Hiring test?

Can you share what all they asked in the interviews and how it went?

is there anyone who has applied for part-time and received mail for an interview ???