TCS Codevita 2020 results announced

I got qualified , what’s next ?


Link to result?

Qualified for what? Interview or 2nd round?

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How to know whether you are qualified or not? What should be your rank for Round 2?


i got a rank of 519 in zone 2 , so I’m not sure either. That’s why i asked


On what basis they have given rank?

How to get my rank.
I can see the large list.

Number of correct submissions and the time taken

ctrl + f and type your name or check college wise

When I saw the graph during the exam, there were around 20 people with 3AC and 200 with 2AC. This was around 11 pm in Zone 2. So, what do you expect the rank with 2AC ? (1st question was FIll the Cube with 0AC)

My junior is selected by doing only single question.

i had 3ac and i got 519 , 2ac will be have a rank after 1000 or 1500 , in my opinion.


Bhai 12000 me chance he kya interview call aane ka?

yes , the user who solved 3 questions are in top 1000

Final year me ho to aana chahiye.

everyone who is shortlisted and in 4th year will be getting interview call or is their any rank based cutoff for that?

Can’t see results, invalid credentials. Anyone else?

I messed up my college name any way to correct this?
Also i have rank in 300s would be i considered for digital?

DO they provide digital offer based on ranking or based other parameters? @ssrivastava990