TCS CodeVita and GATE clash

Howdy CodeCheffers,

The dates for round 2 of CodeVita are announced, and the worst thing is, it’s 6 & 7 Feb. Most of the participants must be from final year & pre-final year of Engineering, and most of them must be appearing for GATE 2021 scheduled on 6, 7, 13 and 14 Feb.

Considering the difficulty (Acc. to TCS) of problems questions in 1st round, there is a high chance that their thorughly tested questions might not be solvable in this round too. Which indeed is an experience that you would not want to have just before GATE.

But still, since they have postponed this round so much, we can expect a better experience than Round 1. Anyways, it’s still TCS. :slightly_smiling_face:

CodeVita is a contest on large scale, and most of us wouldn’t want to miss it. For CS/IT, GATE is on 13 Feb, but some GATE aspirants might prefer not appearing for CodeVita because of the above mentioned reasons. Anyway, CS/IT students are not the only ones who are participating in CodeVita, there are students from other branches too, and if they are having GATE on 6 or 7 Feb, they are most likely to avoid participating in Round 2 of CodeVita, and will miss this opportunity.

So, if this concerns you, then please drop a mail regarding the same to TCS, requesting them to postpone round 2 of CodeVita. :pray:



that problems reference tho :rofl:

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Same for me, I’m having GATE on 7 February. :pensive:

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Although I belong to CS, but, competitive programming peers in my college are from various branches. I too am giving GATE on 13, but, week before GATE exam is terrible time to give contest and that too with lack of practice.

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@guessmelol2 Sed Life :cry:


Well, they said that the questions were pretty tough, and there were no errors in the test data as they tested the problems thoroughly. :slightly_smiling_face: