TCS Codevita Round2 Experience

How was your experience giving TCS Codevita Round2. How many questions do you think were required to solve for qualifying to grand-finale?

Top 25 qualifies for grand finale. So maybe all problems, or N-1 problems is necessary to qualify.
N= Total problems

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Are you the great Pulkit Chhabra?

I solved 4/8 questions, my rank was 34 when the contest ended.
I guess the question were on easier side.
I only spent 3/6 hours and managed to solved 4 questions.

Dunno how many people are gonna qualify for finals.
Last year, top 25 were selected… 5/8 questions
Couple of years back, top 40 were selected… 4/8 questions (with good pace)

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No, I am Pulkit Kamboj.

Yes, even I am surprised because I solved 5 out of 8 and spend only 3-4 hours. I was expecting my rank not to be very good as the questions seemed easy but on the leaderboard my rank it displayed was 23.

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Congoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Mannnnnnnnnnnnnn…best of luck for the finals

Thanks a lot bro!!:grinning:

Can you post the round 2 questions you got in the contest


Can you guys share a solution? I solved 2 problems completely and also scored a partial point of 140. So dont know where I’m wrong.

Sure, just give your mail id or something, I will share 5 solutions solved by me completely

Will tcs hire through codevita round 2 this year?

Will we be getting certificates ?

I am also looking for codevita round 2 solutions .It would be great if anybody share github link or give solutions here

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All those who want codevita round2 solutions can access it from here

I have solved 5 questions full and according to the leaderboard, 1 partial and I qualified for the finals with a global rank of 15. :grin: According to me the questions were pretty standard, and luckily almost all questions had a valid explanation if you know what I mean. :stuck_out_tongue:

Does TCS hire via codevita 2 and if yes then what is the rank upto which people will get inteview call for TCS DIGITAL.
Thanks in advance.