TCS CodeVita Season 8 - Pre Qualifier Zonal Round Questions 2019

CodeVita Season 8 – Pre-Qualifier Zonal Round Questions

Open my google drive link to access the questions - Click here

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can you tell duration and number of problem should be solved to qualify
the round

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It depends on the overall performance of the candidates. No specific cutoff, as such.

According to the previous year (season 8) estimated cutoffs were as follows -

(>=3) problems : Definitely going to qualify to the next round.

(>=2 to <3) problems : Qualification chances are 50%.

(>=1 to <2) problems : Qualification chances are really really low.

(<1) problem : Better luck next time.

Participants qualifying for round 2 will be eligible for a direct interview at TCS.

Again all the above stated facts are based on my experience and reviews from my friends, those who appeared for Codevita Season 8, and are by no means accurate.

Also there’s a strict plagiarism check. Copying functions from codes available over the net might be costly. Never ever do that.

All the best ! :v:

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thnks man

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link is not working please update it.

This should work ->


Do you have their solutions as well?

Can you tell me till when we can submit the solutions? I read that 5th july is last date of registration so I think only after july we have to submit them.

Check it now. It should work.

Yes, Registrations for CodeVita Season 9 ends on 25th July, 2020, 09:30 UTC.

Pre Qualifier Zonal Round starts from 10th July, 2020, 09:30 UTC upto 25th July, 2020, 09:30 UTC.

For more information visit - CodeVita Season 9

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Well, you need to solve at least 1 question to go to the next round, practising previous year problems is a must.

There are 6 problems and 6 hours. So, the worst-case scenario you’ve 6 hours for 1 problem :slight_smile:

You can find all TCS Codevita Questions here.


TCS CodeVita is a great platform for coders. If you clear even the first round there is a high probabilty of you getting placed in TCS, as you will recieve a direct chance for interview if you clear the first round. If you want to get a good coding job it is very essential to score atleast a rank under 100. Every round has 6 questions, and the difficulty keeps on increasing, as you move to the next round.
For clearing TCS CodeVita you should definitely practice the previous year competition problems and sample questions which they give every year before the start of the competition. From solving those you’ll get a pretty good idea about the coding competition

TCS CodeVita is a contest for engineering and science students to experience the joy of coding and to excel their programming skills through real-life computing practices. The contest also aims at identifying the talent. Overall, TCS Codevita is a huge contest. … To win the contest one should require a lot of practice in competitive programming.

TCS Codevita Round -1 will be containing 6 Coding Problems that are framed in such a way that tests yours:

1) Analytical mind
2) Logical mind
3) Implementation skills

You need to solve atleast 1-2 problems out of 6 questions to get call for TCS Digital Interview and practicng the previous year questions will give you an idea on how to prepare for the competition and what topics to focus on so it is better you solve previous year questions to get better understanding of the type of questions asked and if you know even basics of programming you will be able to solve atleast one questions.

hey i have solved 4 problems on mockvita round2 so can have any idea about my performance in code vita round 1 2020

I am a bit confused about the date of the pre - qualifier round for CodeVita Season 9; earlier it was mentioned what you have written, but when I try to search for the date now, it shows me 9th August 2020. So could you please confirm what’s the actual date with the bonafide link containing it ?